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Why we all Make “Bad” Choices…Even When we “Know Better”

Despite what we may logically know we should or shouldn’t do, or how we may feel about what we do, our nervous system is really just trying to keep us alive and well.  If our nervous system thinks that we’re unsafe – whether this is factually accurate or not – we’re going to struggle to control our behavior.  All of our behaviors serve some function to us, and though these behaviors are often misguided, their intentions are good.

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Emotional Intensity, Authenticity, and Power.

The cold world around us may aim to dampen our sensitivities, make us less warm, less connected.  Your emotions may make those accustomed to the cold uncomfortable, afraid their icy layer may be softened.  Perhaps we could use to melt our exterior and allow for more authenticity to flow in.  Perhaps our ability to feel and express embodies our power.

Borderline Personality Disorder & other Trauma Responses

rauma is a complicated phenomenon that can’t be defined in a neat little box, and this is part of what makes coping with trauma responses so difficult; we don’t have a box that can contain our responses. Typically, trauma responses are our minds and bodies responding normally to abnormal experiences.

How to Respect your Body

As a psychotherapist, I view body image as existing on a spectrum based on our experiences, attitudes, and behavior toward ourselves. For most, learning to like the image reflected back in the mirror can be extremely challenging. So, using the liking of the physical body as a metric for body image is likely to fail us. Instead, I mostly focus on feeling good inside one’s body, regardless of feelings towards the outside.

What is “Intuitive Eating”

To begin practicing Intuitive Eating, it is important for us to understand the cultural and historical significance of this approach.  Intuitive Eating is, at its core, a radical movement focused on challenging societal ideals of how we “should” eat, and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their health and bodies.